Lily Fleur Perfume ….

yesterday I was invited for the launching of Lily Fleur perfume. I was guessing what kind of perfume she will launch ! I find the florist always have the sense of the smelling is high.

Lily Fleur Perfume is a combination of lilies – enriched with oud and musk youthful perfume, the idea of the perfume came to Mrs Anfal Alansari & Mrs. Maryam Alnasiri the owner of Lily Fleur flower school so she flight to the city of perfumes PARIS, and had this collaboration to release lily perfume.

the perfume is concentrated and come only on 50ml bottle portable size for the bag. I considered it as daily perfume for winter .All the best ladies …. you can check their Instagram for more information about their perfume

instagram @lily_fleur

or you can order it online:



meet the owners in the middle
lily fleur perfume

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